Our Mother has always been the backbone of our Family.  She never complained about anything and always welcomed all my crazy friends into our home.  Mom only possessed a High School Diploma but earned a Master's Degree in Life.  She  always stressed to me the importance of being a leader, not a follower and more importantly, to be independent. When Mom was diagnosed with "Dementia" I really didn't know what that meant and I was quite frankly, busy with my own life and career to realize the severity of the diagnosis.  Several years had passed and suddenly, things started changing rapidly. First, it was the misplacement of personal items, then the falls.  Eventually, it seemed as if Mom was slowly withering away with each passing day.  I was angry and upset because she did not deserve this.  The most painful moments  were when she realized that something was awry and she'd turn to me and ask what was going on with her.  Imagine that feeling of helplessness. This disease is cruel. It robs you of your dignity but most importantly, your memories.  That is why my sister's and I decided to form our team, Gerri's Angels.  We want to help find a cure for this disease that ravages the brain and erases memories like the ocean waves that brush up against the shores.  Please join me in this fight by signing up to walk with my team, Gerri's Angels because memories matter.  Thank You.


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