Active Fundraisers

John Latham

Sponsoring John Latham $4,400 Raised
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Diane Marinconz

Sponsoring In Memory of Lillian Marinconz
$2,230 / $10
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Eric Kabakoff

Sponsoring Eric Runs Through Brooklyn for Alzheimer's Research
$1,755 / $1,800
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Lorna Davis-Robinson

Sponsoring Marcus Wellington Davis Memorial Giving $1,650 Raised
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Suzanne Metzger

Sponsoring Power of a Woman Caregiver
$1,606 / $3,000
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Christian White

Sponsoring Gift to DHP $1,450 Raised
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Jaclyn Greenblatt

Sponsoring In Loving Memory of Iris Karp $1,255 Raised
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Rebecca & Isaac Brody

Sponsoring Charlie & Donny's Birthday Donations $570 Raised
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Sarene Sandler

Sponsoring Sunshine for Sonny $250 Raised
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Bill Russo

Sponsoring The Anna Quadrino Foundation $0 Raised
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